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Offering the Widest Range of Forklifts and Warehousing Equipment in Northern & Central California

This store is owned & operated by Cromer Material Handling of Northern/Central California.

About Cromer Material Handling

Marshall Cromer, aka “The Forklift Boss”, opened Cromer in 1990 in Oakland, CA. Marshall built the company around three ideas:

  1. Put the customer first.
  2. Sell the right product for the right job.
  3. Always do the right and ethical thing.

These ideas have kept Cromer growing steadily for its 25+ years in business. As of 2017, customers can now take advantage of:

  • Online sales of rack & shelving, new & used forklifts, and everything in between.
  • Six Cromer facilities – Oakland, Manteca/Stockton, Sacramento, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Maria
  • Forklift service all across Northern and Central California
  • An expanded warehouse rack & shelving inventory (due to the acquisition of Cal Storage Systems)

Warehouse Storage & Allied Material Handling

Stocking a warehouse?
Building out a stockroom or satellite location?
Expanding your product inventory?

You’ll need rack & shelving. You’re in the right place. Cromer sells a complete line of industrial rack & shelving, plus warehousing supplies. This marketplace is your source for:

  • Pallet Racks
  • Cantilever Racks
  • Boltless Shelving
  • Multilevel Shelving Systems
  • Industrial Lockers
  • Uprights
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Shelves
  • And more!

Need help choosing the right warehouse equipment? Our VP of Allied has 25 years of experience sourcing industrial shelving and designing warehouse layouts. Call him at our Oakland Headquarters: (510) 534-6566.

New, Used & Rental Forklifts

We sell 8 forklift brands, new and used, from nimble electrics to heavy-duty diesels. This sets us apart from other forklift dealers who typically only carry one brand. It’s always been a tough sell to our forklift manufacturers when they learn their trucks will be sold alongside other brands…but we manage to keep them happy, as we continue to offer a wide selection of forklifts.

What does this mean for you? That you’ll always get the right forklift for your job.

Leasing vs. Buying: Time’s not right to buy new? Consider leasing a forklift instead. We’ll help you run the numbers so you can decide what works best for you. Just give us a call at (800) 974-5438.

Electrics: Want to explore switching over to electric forklifts? We’ll help you run the “electric v. propane” numbers & find out which will cost you less over time. Will an electric work for your particular job's demands? Let's find out.

Local Delivery? Yes, we offer local delivery on forklifts, rack/shelving and allied equipment across Northern California.

Forklift Rentals: Need to rent a forklift? Our rental fleet is available for seasonal & temporary jobs. Every year our rental forklifts help California’s vineyards harvest their wine grapes.

Cromer Services for Bay Area and Northern California businesses include:

  1. Forklift parts & maintenance service available from every Cromer facility (Oakland, Sacramento, Manteca, Fresno, Bakersfield, Santa Maria, and our satellite offices in Santa Rosa & Chico).
  2. Mobile Tire Press and Battery Replacement for on-site forklift repair.
  3. Forklift Safety Training for your forklift operators at Cromer Headquarters in Oakland (or on-site for groups), to help you meet your OSHA & State of California requirements.

Visit Cromer’s business website at http://www.cromer.com to take advantage of these services.

About the Forklift Boss Marketplace

We’ve established this Marketplace for one reason: So our customers can easily select & buy the material handling equipment they need—all online.

This is the ONLY site where any Northern California business can buy everything from a forklift battery to an entire forklift. A single rack to a warehouse worth of shelving. And all the accessories in between.

Each listing contains full information on the forklift brand, type, condition (watch for deals on Used), year and supplemental notes. Everything you need to make an educated decision.

Now you know why people call Marshall Cromer “The Forklift Boss”.

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